Several years ago, this successful business was started by a Swiss couple in the same area. Their first goat was called Heidi – a respectable Swiss name and it did not take much thinking to link Heidi to the company name GOAT PETER, both names derived from the well-loved Children’s Classic HEIDI, the little girl and her friend Peter, the goat herder, who lived high up on the Swiss Alps in the Canton of Grison.

In 2008 Alastair and Marianne took over GOAT PETER and continued to make the already well-known Goat Milk products, ie. yoghurt, cottage cheese, feta, halloumi, ricotta and kefir, a drink similar to maas. Goatpeter also makes a Pecorino-style hard cheese which they call Grison. The product range has since been expanded and now includes Gouda and Cheddar as well as delicious cheese rolls – called chèvre – in different flavours.

The two hard workers are excited about the good response to their products and remain committed to supplying best quality cheeses at all times.

All the success would not be possible without the proud goat herd on Farm Waid. It has grown from 16 does at the humble beginnings a few years ago to 250. This number includes 110 milking does and the balance consists of kids, maidens and a few rams. At first, there were only Saanen goats (a white Swiss breed) but recently Alpine Blacks and Toggenburgs (also a Swiss breed) have joined the herd as, in their opinion, they are more suited to the South African climate.